VISITING A BUDDHIST TEMPLE! | Vlog 26 (03.22.15)

Here some stupid informations are given like Israel vs Arab war.Bad Religion is Black Sabbath.Those who consider themselves to be the most intelligent are the most profoundly ignorant and stupid.My coworker is sick and was coming to work anyway.Here are some great documentaries to watch.Genghis khan aka the original florida man.They saw the daughters of men where beautiful so they decided to make wifes for theirselves.I can't imagine how screwed up his kids are.

Group discussion always goes no where, lecturer would be happy if someone recite wikipedia.I seem to have friends 20 plus years older then I.Jesus is The Word, John 1:1-5The Word God spoke: Exodus 20:1The Word God wrote: Deuteronomy 4:13and The Word God made flesh John 1:14.

Who taught Noah how to cast spells and what kind of servant was nimrod?Weird place to end an otherwise incredible video.He is actually the only guy I have never met that I think would be cool to actually be friends with.Imagine what level of love Jesus had to go willing to this earth knowing he will be killed.Can we accomplish this through modern day computers?The site wont give out an address until after 10 letters and the approval of the woman.We were better off last year than this year!

I wish to

I wish to

Thus, a suspected error or omission now becomes big commotion.Still its gotta be difficult for them to afford that kind of fees.So we shall not have fear, our lord is near.Other people have lived your situation.Every single question he's raising is solved by just believing the first 5 words of the book."When the student is ready the Master will apear".14 You are my friends if you do what I command.See how not useful ukrainian is?I agree with all that is said.

London and Paris in 300 AD

London and Paris in 300 AD

I like her smile the most and of course her willingness to help Indian, really amaging.There is also a beautiful one in Mexico, they are called Muxes.Quarantine is not fun champ.Ironic - and tragic - that few have any idea of these facts and concepts!3:02Mom: Can you just get off your a and go outside!To anyone who is stupid and thinks he isn’t.

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Sounds fishy to me.

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People we live on this planet 200,000 years and you based everything on religions that where incented 5000 years ago ? Use your brain - there was hundreds of religion and hundreds is coming..Isrealian do not look like people of that part of the world (blond ,light brown cuerly hair light skin are not the futures of this land).

Good lesson, thanks for continuing to make these available, God bless.

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now behold the Lord of flies dead


There are pockets of African descent communities in several parts of the indian subcobtinent. Their ancestors came as mostly slaves, merchants and mercenary soldiers to India. There are almost 250 000 people of African descent in Pakistan alone, in Sindh province mostly. General Hosh Mohammad Sheedi Qambrani was the supreme commander of the Talpur army that fought against Sir Charles Napier in the mid 19th century. He coined a famous sindhi phrase that is still quoted by Sindhi nationalists to this day, "marson marson, sindh na deson" - I'll rather give up my life than give up sindh.


Need to hit Iran... tell them if it continues we will hit themmore... get progressively worse That is what they will understand.

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Panipat is not kasba... This is city..... Apni galti theek kro boss.

The Ortiz Project

Typical, smh.

anuj kumar


Kaiwalya A

Is there any scope for job in Architecture field in New Zealand??

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I'm a misogynist and I won't apologize for it

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5:16 British raj

Glen Sterdont

That "The Industrialist story" which Burton wrote in the booklet is ok but only for some cheap and primitive cartoon. It's really simple as fuck story by an average skill writer and it can be described in one sentence: automaton suddenly begins to think like human, accidentally meets others but less smart robots, talk to them, blah-blah, then he walks around and finds another automaton, they become good friends, then those two quickly finds their so-called creators speaks with them little bit,


goodbye papa emeritus III

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It's an epic story.

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One of the best YouTube presentations. I truly enjoyed and thank you for your explanation of the Protestant Reformation.

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I might predict that clarification about longer lives and whether or not the interference with that gets the education about interfering with lives. Snakes and venom are quite a catchy lesson about surety. So, you've heard they found Pluto again, it's ice didn't melt. Its sky atmosphere is blue, facing the sun. Its snow is a slightly mis-shaped hart. Well reshaped yen and yang...sort of. The nitrogenit has reveals the chilling attribute of floatation for solid matter. It took , according to Nasa, 8 hrs to fly over 2 billion miles to photograph the planet that was denied real existance. We're back to thedenied, hidden abused prophetic active uses of the young.


You didn't discuss about how expensive housing is in Canada and how its become almost impossible for middle class to purchase a house.

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Soon I will start restaurant coffee shop business in Ukraine


His study is deviated and got him into the wrong direction that's why he'll never understand and find the truth.While he's trying to fabricate the truth via so called "research", actually his unstructured research will only lead him to lie.Yep he can do that for 100 years more.howver, believe me he will gain nothing of it

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Vandanaji can u expose the 5 names who control the world !! Economies

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Ukrainian knows nothing about india

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Your a terrible moderator!!!! Let the man speak you cut reza off like three times when he sounded like he was going to make a good point...and in an atheist lol


I have just checked the tickets for April 2020 Symposium... tickets start at $1,200 up to $5,000.00. Seriously who can afford this??

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Many acquaintances I have mock me and laugh. I'm tired of trying to show them data and stories from around the globe. I'm sure I've been muted on Facebook. Oh well. They are on their own.


I had heard this theory before, that the temple never stood where the Dome is, but to the side, which would give the Jews the right to finally rebuild. It’s awesome to see that it’s a theory founded on facts, and I hope they are right! Fascinating video! Makes me yearn for his return even more after seeing how close we are to being out of here.

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"you can't hold yourself accountable, unless a doctor goes like: you'll die."Turns out even then people won't hold themselves accountable :') My dad just got back from 3 days in the hospital for his LUNGS, and tries to smoke his sigarette every few hours he ends up coughing on the ground, but... you know. I suppose his determination is impressive. His accountability skills though... very questionable


good video. if everyone could understand the hypocrisy in their own ideologies this would help. "don't judge a book by its cover" for liberals becomes an over compensation where they do still in fact judge everyone by their covers, but change the views so that they just judge white people poorly so as not to judge others. they say to be empathetic but then hold no empathy for dissenting opinions. a new centre should come from this polarisation.