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I spoke about my Visions in three videos I put on YouTube titled God spoke To Me 1,2 and 3.After I started again, I continued to smoke for a few years.I know how both trick are made but I will not tell anyone, because is well done and it involve a faithful dog.Do any of these guys say something smart or useful here?How can we know his Father if we don't know our true beginning.I know which I'd rather be.This is something I've been using for years and then when I go to explain it can't do it go figure.Okay, so there was no God involved, right?

Do I need a shower or fart too much?Leslie Are you on the square.So you go through the trouble of building a round house just to burn it in a test, but then you build the complete wrong type?Great fella, great podcast episode.

Embryoes and people

Embryoes and people

Thank you very much for the effort.Progressive lies are just stepping stones to more lies.Jesus has been wrecking my heart with greater love lately than I’ve ever experienced before and now I’ve discovered this song and it is just adding to the wonderful wreckage!Love each other, help each other.The Father sent that name from heaven you know God's direct name is Yah as in halalouyah which means praise ye Yah.Portuguese traders: Brings guns and ChristianityNarrator:"EuRopEaNs bRinGiNg ChRisTiaNity aNd gUns wOuLd hAvE uNforSeeN cOnSeQUenCes.And don't forget about Robert Reich and his videos.So, nobody there but here.The second sex changed my life <3.

Iss video mai comedy kaha hai.

Iss video mai comedy kaha hai.

Sec Defense CHAOS, MISSING.Well history is hard to paste together since it's not easy to observe it directlyand evidence tends to get damaged from time to time - naturally damaged or intentionally- like a successful Pharoah would try to damage record and status of their predecessors.Trump only cares about himself, and that, not very well.I'm enjoying his self discovery and curiosity.I hope Justin sees the litany of comments provided and gives Susan another opportunity to present and defend her ideas, even if opposite another individual.

Amazing people believed it.In Anatolia the Greeks had settled in many places.Then telling a summed up history, brushing over detail -- leaving the viewer with the impression that these nonblack crews of the80s are the originators.It’s a falafel with motzo balls and the secret to Middle East peace!Do I have to marry them to buy one?

4:52 Wow I’m in the video.

4:52 Wow I’m in the video.

Thanks Theo for tryin to throw JKNews out there, I know you didn't get far with it but YES go back there for a session they love you!He who is of God hears God's words therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God.He is an articulate orator with a sense of humor and enjoyable to listen too.First, in the thought bubble where the viking put the bisected priest back together and had to keep his top half from falling off.As Neil Degrasse Tyson put it "when human don't understand something they invoke the God".It was confirmatiin, in a way, of something.It's very difficult to speak Ukrainian language.Yes i agree taxi driver cheats a lot not only to foreigners but to indian peoples too here i would suggest everyone coming to visit india please be here to someone you know in india initially you wouod save more money and enjoy a lot places in india Dirty place- yes i agree here too but its not that which it use to have 20 years ago, still we are trying and improving.Aluminum is highly reflective it may be a useful utility from which to deflect cosmic rays away from our planet and back into space.Overall it appears as though we are dealing with economic, monetary and food supply issues as well as climatological challenges, all proceeding simultaneously.

Things need to

Things need to

There isn't a married bachelor.Something evil this way comes.On one hand: is it just me, or is the red-shirted kid on the right awkward af?Is this crap from the bbc?The master in his element!They have invented religions where they require the submission of women (enslavement) which is everything but loving and respecting and have rarely produced men who they can feel safe and secure with in many respect starting with fidelity, proper treatment and equal rightsPlus there are plenty ofpeople who have ceased to believe in religions and have babies.Alas then my parents forced me into kindergarten.The Bible is not a book meant for comedians to make fun of.Subscription and likes ke liye log kya kya nahi karte.

I will take my chances on one

I will take my chances on one

The trump baby fired them cos Obama set it up.India-A massive population, central position in world trade routes just next to gulf countries, cheap labour,high agricultural production capabilities,i could easily become a economic superpowerSocialists-allow us to introduce ourselves.Peeche 4G ka billboard laga hai anyways love ur video.I found many people lying or twisting the truth and verses until I started reading the Quran from the beginning myself.BRILLIANT COMEDY AT ITS BEST!0:17 The myth of red bull.

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A span of 600 years were Muslims ruled the world and shaped the world we live in today

Jose Hernandez

I want to come to israel

Taylor P


Lucy Ross

Thank you for eyes wider open.

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Nihilism isn't a left/right thing. It just is. You can be a happy nihilist or an unhappy nihilist, but if you aren't a nihilist you are just wrong. Fear (and a cross thread of other psyche words) prevents you from acknowledging what some part of you probably knows as reality.Unless I read my dictionary wrong.

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Also stop calling Alexander "The Great". He was almost killed by Porus, but without a weapon in hand Alexander was left to live. Alexander died after being poisoned by weapon in war with Porus. He left as his army was weak. History has been twisted in favour of west. India extended upto Iran, Iraq, Arab on west to Burma, Suva on east. Raja Vikramaditya was mentioned in Arab books for his administration in those regions. The English left India in a condition to kill each other. But we are so resilient we survived.

Enjoying Life

Umm..I had this.It's harsh but not anything needing anywhere near this kind of response. The panic is not appropriate. And yes, much of the world will eventually get it... Like the flu or H1N1.All this noise should only be directed at already sick and old people.


Could be housing for veterans, but nope, the dems hate vets and wouldn't think a single thought to helping vets.

vishal1982 c

Peaceful brain peaceful society

Ibrahim Fousiya

Masha allah

Mitke 420

That map is wrong af

Molan Rouge

I wanna say what this song makes me do what but I have no ideas

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this is more hippy then the remake


"I hope that he has read his contract he knows that his days are numbered."Oh, the irony.

1k on YouTube without video

The great Khali

Vishal Gosavi


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I want to leave my church cause I want a church near home, I want to do what the Lord is asking me to, deliverance and evangelism. I can't preach the gospel and say to the people "come to my church" and then the church is all over on the other side of the city. My church has also the philosophy of suffering, this is not my Jesus I struggle with depression and I'm tired of being sad.

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If I could prove that the world was fully worked : Gobekli Tepe is nothing but a small part of it .. Imagine a time when rock was carved into mountains : it has happened .. wide...

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He used India twice US guys all are illeterataret and are just mystified by the name INDIAN hehehehehe...


Why isn't Alsas-Lorraine part of Germany at any given point?


Nice to learn some german history before they disappear

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All the Pauline Epistles and other apostles letters it is indicated greeting with holy Kiss and this practiced and encouraged the Christians to kiss each others as an act of divine love and relationship not in a erotic manner.


OK, go to the airport and be shafted by Homeless Insecurity agents.... pat pat ... see thru .... hey hey heh

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3:32 'Come on, pops!'

Mohammad Salman

Hazrat Isa A.S (Jesus/Masih) Zinda haiUnko Allah Ne Aasmano me Utha Liya h Aur Us Waqt Ke Baadshah ko Jesus ki Sakal Bana Diya tha Allah Ne Quran me Bataya h kiNa Jesus/ Masih ko Katal Kiya Gaya na Suli par chadaya gya Ye Aqida Galat h Christan ka Ek Bhaut bada Jhoot h Bakwas hai Aur Jesus Duniya me Ayenge Aur Jews Ke Masih Dajjal ko Aur In Jews koQatal karenge Aur Saadhi Bhi karenge Phir Unki Dead Madina me Hogi Aur Allah Ke Last probhet Muhammad SAW Ke Roje me Dafan kiyejayenge....INSHALLAH Phir Puri Duniya me Islam Hoga Isam Me aane Wale ko Allah Izzat dega Sirbulandi dega Jannat dega Aur Na manne Walo ko Jalil Kar dega.