Shiva Shambo Shambo By Vikram Hazra | Shiva Bhajan | Om Namah Shivaya | Hara Hara Mahadeva

During my job working at a school I read a translation that was considered to be the earliest statement ever recorded, from the walls of a cave.This is the time when the True Faith will be twisted, when you, My children, are presented with a watered-down doctrine, which is an insult to My Teachings.Its one of the reasons that the Canaanite were so severely judged.I’ll consider picking this up.Also, the Sultanate of Delhi was also an Afghan Empire, seperated from Afghanistan itself, which is why they sought to conquer the land.Nice sir ji 29/31 shi h mera.

Bob harris over analysing everything im sure sid bottled him.It is a valid scientific assertion.Many countries are being freed from Rothschild/CIA.

Where as people in other educated and wise countries respond to criticisms by laughing it off, or ignoring it, they don't get affected by outsider's criticism generally, infact they would rather disprove their criticisms by their good actions rather than cussing then in response with pseudo patriotism like Indians unfortunately.My favorites are both TMNT: Turtles in Time, Batman Returns, Super Mario World, Contra: The Alien Wars, Street Fighter 2 and The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past you name it!I thank God I was born a man and not a freaking woman.The Pope lives in Luxury and Catholics see him as important as Jesus.Gully Gully Ki Harshit Dubey.Some are troubled and worried if God turns to be true what shall I do?If central power possessed unlimited resources, there should be the real fate of Europe.Sua santidade papa emeritus III.

Search around a little and find it

Search around a little and find it

The Sabbath was created for us as a day of rest, the 7th day, Saturday.We are following this great speaker with delight hope expectation and deep pride.I’d eat a happy meal right off her ass.May Father YAHweh bless your understanding today it is in the Resurrected NAME YAHwehShua I ask this of Father YAHweh.Some of us Greeks don't forget that, and although Hippocrates and Galen and others are credited the inception, we credit the preservation to the Arabs, as well as many advances in the mathematical sciences, including astronomy.Wash hands and clothing that may be sprayed or wiped.My favourite artist is Leonado.Sir mai new subscriber hoo sir mujhe history ke vedio sequenceme nahi milte.Anyone who believes that a wonderful loving creator would teach such a thing is simply out of their mind.

People here commenting "im pure Buddhist"you

People here commenting "im pure Buddhist"you

Peaceful and beautiful sound, from a muslim man.I won't take away from this cover, but you're cracked out if you think it even comes close to shining a light to the original.Maybe we are only seeing half the universe?Kam padhe likho ka bhi khyal rakh liya kro.Glad i left:)Hostess twinkies!Those looks include in order of importance and relevance: - hair length, - presence of facial hair, - facial bone structure (not saying I've got x-ray vision, but you can quite reliably figure out, at a glance, where the cheekbones are and how wide a jaw or chin is), - presence of adam's apple (low in the list because some people are fat enough to hide it, and also, personally, I've not seen it as something that hella stands out), When you hear them, voice pitch also has an effect.I am not usually surprised but I am amused often.

I would watch a streaming series about Ghost.GETTING TESTED SHOULD NOT BE DEPENDANT ON BEING SICK THAT'S HOW IT SPREADS YOU MUST BEGIN A MASS TEST FOR ALL SICK OR NOT IN ORDER TO FIND THOSE WHO ARE SPREADING IT.These entangled particles become one single wave function and can be described as a single function.Where are all my fellow ex-Credico cultists at?Heavenly father have mercy on your mankind,we are sinners develover us from sins wash us with your precious blood cover us within your wing, have mercy, have mercy, have mercy on us all in Jesus name amen.One day the saints or Christians will be joint heirs of the Earth.

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Why Is It When Someone Ask A Question That Person Whom The Question Was Ask Have Too Give A Example First Before Giving The Answer. What He Is Saying That Was Back In The Day. Things Have Change Because Nothing Stays The Same Because People's Are More Educated On Knowing The Truth. I Still Love The Minister Louis Farrakhan And The Nation Of Islam And Many Others That Are Educating The People's Of Color To Know Who We Are And To Love Who We Are The Chosen People's Of The True And Living God.


I’m starting to watch this religiously, I’m getting scared at the fact I’ve watched this about 12 times this week

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Much as I love Hitchens, who really cares what Thomas Paine had to say about slavery? Ask the slave. End of discussion. Who really cares what any man has to say about religion? Ask a woman. Game over. And only a woman completely brainwashed and brain dead despises her own inalienable value and freedom.

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I do not shed Blood of people.

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Fascinating video as always!


"John I want a divorce"John: My life is nothing but a comedy

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Can you shoot the garbage in to the sun

fire blast

I love this =))