(Official) MV BISMILLAH (2013 Edition - ENGLISH)

My shield of faith I have to cover it all.Howmachoneroomincanada Toronto.RCMP baggage handlers taking zero precautions with these border hoppers!It's weird watching this, but informative, now i knew stuff like this existed, weird beliefs and faiths around the world tho.Someone change his depends, Maybe some altheimer meds.So that the Devil's power is broken.

Corona is a blessing in disguise.Industry pollutes - what's new?I can understand from a piont of view the bible says not to marry those who worship other gods.Brock finally in ring you got it your win.But its their personal view as long as they dont marry non jews/israeli nothings wrong.Russia follows the orthodox teachings of Christianity.Thinks its still fresh in 2019Timeless classic rock.Regarding slavery, I must add, however, that unlike our contemporary tendency to look for facile and ready-made solutions to complicated problems, Quran abolishes slavery in practice through gradual acculturation of its audience.

There is no way Samsung sells more than Apple.When my wife asks me what I want for dinner, I must spend an inordinate amount of time considering and even sometimes manufacturing desires and temperaments.Praise God for the believers in Korea :).And rents haven’t gone down to reflect that.I agree with most of his points but disagree with his point that America shouldn't be involved in world conflicts around the world.You either can understand where he's coming from or not, fantastic video.Why do they show a pizza maker when they give the percentage of Italians living in a region?1800, Belgium didn't even exist?

"Interfaith" are idolatries with idols which were fabricated by humans.Given his darpa background, he should know.Hey Shad, love your channel.A book many refuse to accept.Happy 26th Birthday Bunny!The def of God in Islam : Check out this chapter of the quran ( Al-Ikhlas ) and their explanation.

The 3 world religions are: Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.I want to visit New York, Grand Canyon and Los Angeles the most.Man allot of credit to GREG hard to sing like that live and still sound damn close to the album.Love for Armenians from China.Why do you put times and dates on any of this - you have no way to know except by your guessing - 10,000years is vast unimaginable to you but to mans existence on earth it is nothing but a moment.This is depressing on many levels.I tend to agree with the conclusions above.We are killing their children with our siege/sanctions.Bunch of assholes denying sheer genius.

Now now what

Now now what

Wild, wild, wildWild, wild, wildWhen I'm with you, all I get is wild thoughts.I speak to people but i still didn't get a text back from my crush lmao.What an insight i witness today from this former muslim brother.Lazy comedy again from Gervais.Any idea which music it is?In all my life i thought white people were the smartes people in the world.

Muslims are by Ismail (mother hagar)

Muslims are by Ismail (mother hagar)

Which would take millions of years to form.Not "post Apocalyptic yet" sir.The guy said that you must believe on Jesus Christ he was right, when you believe you are repenting simultaneously.Meanwhile we'll keep working to help 'em.Communism is the worst ideology on earth with a kill count of about 100 million.Jesus never make any claim,favour any gender.If your Jesus is God is blacks may as well just put faith a way, because heaven will be racist too, lol.The Prince Of the Queen's.17:57: Innocent bystandards.


So has she bought a new crying towelfor November? She is so like Warren. Just lies every day even when is showed she lied. Just repeats the lie.The truth is not in her.

H. Elitist

base gust shield rose sharrppest massive man tallan air take wowow hahahahhahahaha

Wesley Henderson

The Lord destroyed them for some reason. I wonder if it's wise to follow what has been done away with by God.

Ahmed Zaheer

These people who write bible with there own hands , and then said that this is from god , bcoz after few years they change bible and then they said now this is a new version and now you have to buy this bible , you are all Christians in the hands of satan , you are not able to know about the truth , bcoz you are deaf you are Dump and blind You cannot return to the right path

Virginia B. Britton

Lots of Trumpy guys.

Benny Hurry

Islam is an uncertain way of life....do not beleive what ever been wroten in quran. Coz quran is a fiction book.

Dave Barker

Being a historian of glass for 44 years, I can state unequivocally, those particular glass beads originated from Mesopotamia.

Adenosine TP

Why is there no china and india??? They were in all videos!!!

Denver Denver

How do we even know if this is true without any evidence?

Richard Goldman

Its like going to a barber shop, all they can’ do is remove material. Hammering?Again, all you can do is put more hammer marks in. Gonna be predictable, thinner- darker. Hammer marks- faster sound- dryer.

Kishori Khirwadkar

Why do you pronounceas?


8:17 just a note for myself

hidden leaf

What is wrong with the accent? Kinda ruined all the content

Romeo Lachapelle

How stupid can people be...i'm not a racist because I don't want to speak english lol I'm not a xenophobe stupid is the proper word...English is not a race dumbass...Speak white is about the english not the french lol You learn nothing at school woman...Btw just in case you have to stand up once more...I am not islamophobe...please please do not said...I am not racist because I do not agree with islam......Do you understand femme...Islam is not a race just like english or french is not a race...Hello the color define the race...


This screams Jehovah’s witnesses.

Ismail Films

Bast video in the world i like this wallah


WOOOWW!!It turned out so gorgeous!I looooove the light shining through those glass bottles!And I was crying a little towards the end when the interns came back to help.That was awesome!A home build with love.And in the end it turned out beautiful!Well done!!The stuff of big dreams!Persistence and positivity pays off!

Jacob VonDielingen

Apparently this video is hilarious

Cheryl L Ridley

Thank you for this. I needed to hear it. I listened to the one before this about loosing your faith. It gives me hope that all is not lost. On a less serious note, are you from Michigan, because you speak very fast! I lived my first 19 years in Michigan, but live in the South now, where they talk a lot slower.

Jonathon Brown

I'm on the level.

Evonda Valentine

I'd like to see footage of all those full hospital beds.

Bruce Humphrey

An introvert’s perfect home.