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Your music taste is great mate.He says things i cannot understand.Atheist - "the only people dedicated to fighting what they swear doesnt exist"!Video Reported for misleading title.I say the 99% need to rise up!What the hell, ubr saying all lies.Literally, a contradictory term.In England it was the job of the Night Soil men NOT the Night Watchmen who were an early police force!

If your surrounding becomes pleasant it called success.It was a fantastic way to open our minds to the way others worshiped and we learned it from them.It's worse than being hit by an atom bomb!Ok, after having RE lessons over 10 years we haven’t even mentioned Judaism.Egypt has seen two golden ages,The 1st was the modern pharaonic kingdom,the 2nd was the Mamluks.There is an assumption of what god is, and this becomes the basis for the argument.Then why are we convinced that they usually mean human?His name is not LORD His name is YHUH, and your teaching the Bible as if you know it and don’t even know that simple fact.

I read The History of Tomes Jones (1749)

I read The History of Tomes Jones (1749)

Sinful men speaks from their sinfully depraved minds and their God-hating hearts.Don't bother coming to Ireland, we're full, we've a massive homeless crisis with thousands of people without a home."Wipe your butt on the dog!Every time Joe say "wauuu" take a drink.The colors mix, create a gray matter.

Be cautious and vigilant in your search for a better life to come,according to Gods commandments and not mans.And why are you confused about a starting point?Or was not the case when this video was filmed.Some mycologist had claimed that the red and white colors associated with Santa Claus are a representative of the colors of the Amanita Muscaria.I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and ive been microdosing for about 6-8 weeks.The problem with is: most of things in life we do because of belief, not evidence.)No where else would anyone be asked to put up with this harrassment.In these day’s, Annunaki is in a bad state of being, and trying to intrude on Earth.My parents were married for nearly 69 years.Eminem has really let himself go.

Take a cab

Take a cab

PS don't be offended in any of my comments.But he lost it after he disobeyed God.After this, they WORKED their way to success.I am sure he knows now for sure whether Creator exits or not.Here is the way it is going to be for now on!Wear full habits, be loyal to the teachings of the church and sisters grow.Ishe acha aap hooder kaam kar liye hote.Is it me or does 0 0 somehow equal 1?

Like water is always around and the same water has always been around in existence the whole time, just in various states, shapes, and containers.Ghost HAS had "guest ghouls" on stage, one was James Hetfield of Metallica, any Metallica fan that has seen James perform LIVE can totally see by his body and his stance onstage can spot a "Hetfield Ghoul" onstage.This argument was incomplete as consciousness wasn't considered a factor!Hinduism will rise again for sure but it will be revised by people outside India.Offa was perhaps the greatest king in him being the only leader able to deal with Charles the Great on equal terms, suggesting he, like Oswald, had not accepted Roman Christianity.Supposedly 'sending the energy to a better place" which is also quite hazardous as reflux can go to the testes and inflame them, and the prostate and bladder sphincter can get damages by pressure in directions they are not made for.So preferring to be an aghori is technically breaking the whole belief?Did they just throw those people into a vat of BOILING LAVA!Now I know how to lie better.Nothing is impossible if people put their mind to it.

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They look exactly like the pieces in the Sutton Hoo ship burial. The exact same craftsmanship. Even parts of this show are directly taken from the show about the Sutton Hoo ship burial finds. It's described the same way, with "the pieces of garnet perfectly fitted into the gold, with a waffle shape to the gold behind the garnet to make it sparkle". It's the same craftsmanship, and probably robbed out of another site or traded and hidden for someone to come back to get. And the cross was (and still is) used as a symbol for things other than christianity. The earliest depictions of Jesus did not show him hanging on a cross. They showed him as a shepherd, sometimes holding a lamb.

Hamad Binsubaih

11:18 He hit him towards the front but he just says f logic and goes the other way

Durga Ashtekar

there are lots of references in vedic scripture on aryavart which was aregion between part of Iran to vindhyachal mountain. it is so detail that it described sapt sindh- 7 rivers and it's course. one of the rivers saraswati disappeared but nasa confirmed thru satellite images that the course of saraswati. Europe had nothing to do with aryans.max mullet spread that bogus theory to prove white supremacy.

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i blur my vision so i cant read the text. easy.