Easy A - Religious Arrogance Scene (pretending to know)

I'm genuinely surprised about how interesting I find it when he discusses religion.And even if you say its jesus's birthday while in December in Jerusalem its winter, and in the bible it said that Shepard's spotted a bright shining star, how can Shepard's be out in the winter?The people who do this to others are assholes.She took his eyes out bc he was sinning with his eyes (just joking).As long as you can disagree but continue walking together in love for the common cause, you will form a vehicle that the Holy Spirit will use for sweeping multitudes of people into the kingdom of God.Satanic got old with Ozzie Ozbourne!Religion doesn't kill people its the crazy twisted ones that use religion to justify there actions out of hate anger and revenge.

Great help and improvement

Great help and improvement

I'm here to argue with retarted people!A university is for the expression of ideas.8:00 I think Hitchens makes a mistake here.This proves that Giants were real at that time because all of those walls are huge and big so that means that Giants could pick them up also they might of build the walls for the giants.Mohamed Jesus Abraham and Moses, all had beards and big hooked noses.Let's show him our appreciation, respect, support and love for all the hard work he has already done.The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.Jin logo ka world history me koi wajood hi ni h wo Islamic countries ki defeat pr ese has re h jaise unke baap ne un mulko pr fateh ki ho.I know stonhenge must somewhat predate Indo-Europeans entering Europe.There is also shamans who reported.

Aryanism a myth and a hoax, This video is part of a series of Videos ""Saraswati river still flows": thank.Your history is complicated.There are no true Britons anymore.Anti-Semitism is some failures off humans, to recognize this.May the Most High Yahweh continue to bless you and your ministry.I pray in tongues and the Holy Spirit tells me whatI am saying.The catching away does not happen until Yeshua the King of Kings comes back.Very sad, but fairly common, especially if you are a woman!Stop and listen, don't ask such closed ended questions and let people have a thought without inserting yourself.The dude with 10 wives LITERALLY looks and sounds like the priest from rides with strangers.

God is Holy and hates

God is Holy and hates

1k disliked, because they weren't in the desert when the king was there.Sum ting wong wi tu loho lee fukbang ding owOH MAH GAWD.As if silicon valley ruled.If I said God can't do the logically impossible he'd say "DURR well than he's not omnipotent" the question is rigged.You can’t buy a property in Banff or Jasper because they are in a national park.All these cases happened during a political event in China and every single time their economy growth only accelerated.This is their interpretation, go to another country they will have their own.

We’re still in an ice age

We’re still in an ice age

And if we all do that then the fucks living fucked up lives super rich would change and the people at the bottom would work their way up.Romans 1:22"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools".Strange sorry in Turkey take care keep safe.No doubt we'll be seeing a lot of the schtick Bill Hammer just performed and lots of phony polls to make it SEEM that Hidin' Biden has any possibility of being elected, all in service to ELECTION FRAUD.A Bollywood movie titled "Arakshan" deals with the matter of reserved seats for Dalit children in universities.

radu lazar

dont wory JESUS WILL WIN, "all the power was given to Me on the haven and on the earth!"

Justice Royal Vieira

Now airing on new technologies available to everyone, its on your hand or on your desk right now. So...Just Do It, cuz Im luvin it and Nationwide is on you're side.


Shit culture...

Everton Blake

You gonna lose a lot of votes on your stance on guns.

Gabriel Camarena

Hahaha...this video proves they genuinely feel their culture is threatened. Welcome to the life rest of the world.Israel is just like every other nation.They are no better.

Scrupulous Atheist

Great job, I actually have a few books, on this topic, that I'm trying to plod through.

Immense Stamina

Kami!!Oshirisu no Tenkry,Oberisuku no Kyoshinhei,R no Yokushinry

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Anyone here that reads Kingdom and it's thinking of Ei Sei?

Thiago Fernandes

Green Day is definitely dead! R.I.P!

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It’s happening again :/