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Plus a little infuriating actually.According to their beliefs, Semiramis was born of a fish-goddess and was raised by doves she was therefore given the status of virgin birth.Dude Boyz II Men's the frickin best!And if you happen to benefit from the voluntary efforts of others, that's fine.Consider revelations in this episode about the conditions of Victorian labor, and you can put the writing of Karl Marx into context of the period.

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I want to know

I want to know

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The author of confusion,

The author of confusion,

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I’m freestylin And then the video fucking ends 10 seconds later.Kamalnath: CAA Amit Shah:.It starts on the 5th day of Creation, because it was the 1st Calendar Date after the luminaries were created for Time and signs.8 decades did I hear that right?And say hello to Time Travel.The best thing that ever happened to my life is accepting Jesus as my savior and his holy spirit that dwells in my soul is with me every day, lord only you can save me, amen.His topics unique and choices of words and delivery are sooo funny!And even though there are similarities between Giza Pyramids and other megalithic sites around the world, they are not connected.If you want a patriarchal tyranny, there are plenty of examples OUTSIDE of the UK America (where most of the whining takes place).Screw all the realism, give me some Nintendo.

When American people's dead from the coronavirus!The Islamic State stands and demand that you worship the one whom besides there's none.Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., was among the lawmakers who questioned Redfield on this point.So recently I traveled back to the 1200s and I can assure you this video is incorrect, I had a great talk to some king and he understood me without any problems.There are many (understatement) people in ultra orthodox world that are top in their field professionals.

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Putting politics aside.As a nation we should unite and be proactive and not reactive to this virus.

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Why cant israelis admit there is an occupation ?

Silent Frost

ok im new to this band, i love them so far, but whats the first song in this video?

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Fucc it im Agnostic

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This is wrong...??

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We can get through this. Best wishes from China.

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Koi jab mare kab mare sub Allah janta he

the peacemaker do we know gebekli tepe was buried on purpose? I hear that alot and mayb ive missed something along the way. Many other sites have been buried by a tsunami or cataclysm, i.e. baslbec and the newly uncovered mega ton stone next/below the stone of the pregnant woman, (brian foerester latest tour), malta's excavations and many others. Floods and catastrophes, nature growth and wind bury things. I know this question may come across snippy, its absolutly not, im legitimately wondering as to how the same conclusion comes to so many. Is there a link to a video, or does someone in the comments know of evidence this was purposly buried?? Im so curious. Thank you for sharing this really great video!!

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Hello everyone please support this noble lady. She is doing a lot for the nation..


The gal at 6:55 has a very "relaxed" fitting bra... very nice :) Someday my dungeon will be found, and all my secrets will surface... lol

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Whataknowledgeable documentary you made ,it's wonderful to watch.Thank you Jim al khalili...

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If you win your a hero if you lose your a terrorist, because history is written by fickle cunts, for fickle cunts.

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Nice oyesuraj

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Does somebody know the name of the painting at 9:21?

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india and india indonesia? bruh

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The Gospel: Jesus Christ is the Only Begotton Son of God, who was manifested in the flesh, crucified on the cross for all peoples' sins, buried and risen early the third day to be alive, seen by many to be Truly Alive before ascending into Heaven in the Glory of God, to be at the right hand of God, the ONLY Heir to All things of God, ONE With God who IS GOD, to whom All Dominion, Power, Glory, Honor, Thanksgiving, Praise, Blessings belongs to for ever, eternally.   If you believe that Jesus Christ did all this and much more, confess to Him that you believe, repent (turn away from) your sins, forgive others and ask for forgiveness, be baptized in His Holy Precious Name Jesus Christ ONLY, by full submersion in water, then allow Jesus Christ into your heart to change it and your life to the saving of your soul.

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the stream ended rip

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Chienese - we eat wild things Aghori - hold my ganja