Adi Da Samraj Gives Full Enlightenment

We are divine beings having experience of the human life.There are way's of making it in to the heaven on earth you are looking for.Well google Iran's oil company name?Varanasi is the ancient city in the world.

COVID-19 says Thank you to Americahistory isnt the future.Medoff’s ethanol is 77% better than regular corn ethanol in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.I know this things but dont got them good, now i see beter.Thank you brother, I'm guided by Holy Spirit through your message, what I'm going through.If atheism were true, it would be illogical to say, "I" or "you" or "me" or "us" or "they" or "them" or "we" or "mine" or "yours" or "his" or "hers" or "theirs" since there is no ghost in the machine.

Also: I don’t think I’ve ever

Also: I don’t think I’ve ever

I really hate how rude and bullying EF is.Knowledge is not someone Father Properties now a day West EU Behaviour is Barbaric if anyone of Muslims Nations try to get Technology by own instead Rented from for Example IRAQ more 300 Scientists Murdered by US half of Them Send jail In Israel still there bcuz WEST and EU are Cruels Cruelism is in thier Blood it come inheritance from thier Ancestors who Massacre thier Own Orthodox Christians in Constentilope Istanbul now.Thank you guys can’t wait you in Europe in the Summer.Then we are seeking a salary - of honour - from them.If you don't believe this, then you get to spend the rest of Eternity and torture and suffering in hell, 4 billions and billions of years.I just watched this and felt ill.Sounds like DuPont and health insurance companies are in kahoots.Trump talks like he thinks no one's ever heard of Fox News.Think about how much the government would save in weekly pensions.

STFU you don't even know how to spell, you little trolling idiot -.GOVERNMENT OF INDIAMUST CHOOSE HER AS INTERNATIONAL ROAMING AMBASSADOR!Since we are clearly seeing the creation of the world taught, the notion that verse 2 is teaching a creation out of some pre-existing chaos is untenable.This is so good OMG If camila likes this I will cry for real LoL.I miss hearing children sing this in choir.Very powerful God bless you.You mislead people and God will held you accountable.Amen god bless this man what a great vessel he was used for witnessing to a world in need.

It's like they are swearing at each other in morse code.First, Jesus said: And this is life eternal to know that you are the only true God and Jesus whom you have sent".Except ancient Egyptian queens did not look like the woman in the thumbnail.With all due honour Joshua Swamidass, you have basically done the very thing that according to proper first century born again from above Israelite minded Acts 17 Berean exegesis, has caused you to unify the Lord with Belial by trying to merge the Scriptures with a worldly view which is antichrist to authentic austere first century New Covenant Jesus (God) since Jesus never taught to do such a thing (2Corinthians 6:14-18) thereby disqualifying yourself as a genuine remnant born from above Jesus disciple.Ppl need to let people be happy leave them alone just because you now think different you think everyone else is wrong.He just popularizes science.A hundred kids will video a poor kid being brutally beaten CHEER with each kick to the head then post it proudly online.

Non muslims feared this and divided us showing glitters of luxury and creating satanic urges.Beautiful, Auser represents the founding fathers of Kemet.Great articulation from Jordan on this.Our Indus valley civilization is oldest civilization its not 5000 yrs history BC.In the arab world if you marry someone from another religion your kid becomes Muslim, it's a way to "assert dominance" on other religions in the Quran, so the Muslim man that mostly go after Jewish girls are mostly that kind of man, (of course there are always the real cases of true love, but mostly in those cases the arab Muslim man isn't all that religious and he is willing to learn about his wife religion as well, he also isn't controlling or "looking for Jewish/Christians woman for his religion,he just really likes them) most Jewish girls that fall for this "abuse trap" mostly come from harsh families and are used to their freedom being taken, which of course is what those kind of arab Muslim man want.Fallon makes more money than Conan.I prefer my toasts slow thank you.Perhaps the book is wrong, after so much time.So why are the Jews there if they don’t believe in God no more?

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motor head1 You said, "There is no Yiddish in Torah [5 Books of Moses] or Tanakh [Hebrew Old Testament]."Don't you agree these are based on Masoretic text on modern Hebrew invented by Masoretic Pharisees/ rabbis aka Jesuits? Year AD 1826 if I am not too old to remember.Thanks to God, Paleo Hebrew is still alive, despite the wicked's attempt to supplant it with modern Hebrew!And thank God, there is another separate witness, the Dead Sea Scrolls, which despite your attempt to keep it silent for over 30 years is now speaking out!And there are more witnesses!...til Revelation 6 gets fulfilled thus:Rev 6:14 [niv]The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.Rev 6:15 [niv]Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.Rev 6:16 [niv]They called to the mountains and the rocks, "Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!Rev 6:17 [niv]For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?"!!

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HALLELUJAH, Thank you Holyspirit for this awesome message from pr Joseph Prince. Am blessed and loved by my heavenly Father to hear such message. God bless you pr Joseph Prince.


If all men worshipped GOD as they ought, we'd have the perfect, grass roots imposed theocracy, heaven on earth!

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You risk messingit up worse beforeyou take it too the machine shop.Brilliant.

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I saw the head of the thumbnail creature and my dumbass brain thought Ah shit, it’s Solar Sands isn’t it?

Amazing short

If Corona" be a Bengali word then it's mean = don't do it"

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Love palestine for their rights.

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Praise Be To Jesus Christ Amen

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a bullshit biased video. edited truth by the way



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It'sstrange, when a comedian is offering more information, then the government.


I don't need eternal happiness as a reward for being a godly man, all I need are answers to my questions and to know how this "story" ends. Will we make it? Are there others out there? Will we reach unity in the future?I'm not a big fan of mankind in it's current state, but I'm eager to know what the future will bring for us. That's the only reason I'd wish for "life after death", to take part in this journey and maybe help prevent the worst impulses of this species to destroy itself :P

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7:23 u can find Kala chashma and ende ammande jimiki kammal proud moment

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Proud to be Chatolic from Indonesia

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Enter mother Russia.... consume thy vodka...headbang to metal...Da

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What is a triple double match?

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Many pastors will not like for others in church to be payed as much as them...

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