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Just by disseminating this hoax - they have changed the world.Falling on Chin is ashtanga pranama,called dandavat.Did anyone noticed Palau at 1961-2?Thank you for sharing the video, God bless the people of Iran.Actually I'm realy insocure about my naitnolity and even my nameare the Canadian people going to make fun of me'-'or somthing like this :/plus I can't speak english well-.THEY SHOULD ITS BURIED OUT THERE SOMEWHERE X WHO KNOWS THE EXACT LOCATION?Is not armenia friend iran From iran Assassin and wild armenia.

Philip DeFranco brought me here.These Paleo-Astronomist were amazing.But there is something I am assuming.Her poor English accent makes it hard to understand.

Medieval people DID NOT know about germs.Especially the one in Ellora, Kailasa.Simply put in order for justice for everyone, done have to lose out.I’m just going through an emotional tornado, at meetings at work I feel frustrated unable properly communicate my points, all because I’m being upset and anxious.Pregnant mothers will lose the babies from their wombs!Are you aware of any other secrets offamous masterpieces.Before I came to CHRIST I would hear things like dont go there etc.Earth was not created by accident, he was created by God.Namely how you find the emblem of the TRIBE OF DAN -- or one of them -- and a gold artifact which graphically showsKing Gilgamesh hold up a lion in each hand which is straight out of the Sumarium Legend Of Gilgamesh.Follow Dr Gaurav Garg on Facebook - Dr Mahipal Rathore on Instagram -Dr Gaurav Garg on Instagram - Dr Mahipal Rathore on Facebook - Indiame modi ko.

Paid sick leave for all workers: It is vital to ensure that workers do not feel pressured to work when they are sick.Judaism or haouda is one of tripe of bani Israel that declare we are juda to preserve the religion of Moses and the Torah because a lot of bani Israel used to reject the faith or prophetsthat come to them allah said in Quran (O ye who believe!Moses held up the Rod to raise the waters back and when he lowered the rod after the 3 thousand people and their cattle and possessions crossed the sea closed up and swallowed Pharaoh and his 200,000 soldiers up killing them all!Love every high, tenor and bass voices.We do not have enough tests.It is because in all civilization based on "religion" cannot go beyond the "religion book".It was exceptional talk, my heartbeat raised.This so amazing for my stundents thank you for your learning.Very powerful, Amen to this great man of God, Amen in Jesus name.

They decided to rebuild elsewhere.

They decided to rebuild elsewhere.

" (Matt, it's not your show!Salaam brother,I absolutely love your YouTube channel and always wait in anticipation for your next video.English is like a business language.Always pay attention to white people and some bi racial people trying to give history on Black people especially when he hates and cringes to speak on any West African or anyone who looks west African.The pyramids are too advanced for humans.Isn’t this the guy that doesn’t believe 9/11 happened and that the passengers aboard the plane are kidnapped?No One Comes to the Father, except by Me.I’d be fascinated to know what he made of recent world events.Many diseases we eradicated decades ago are now making a comeback thanks to the Dems and their open borders.

I grew up and am still Hindu and I was always taught to treat them better than you would a regular man or woman because they were said to be incarnations of the gods like Shiva or Vishnu.Someone I know said they have multiple relatives that work for pentagon and that WE WILL be going on lockdown in the whole USA withing the week for a month.In comparing with WES, how is ICAS process, time and fees?This is just biased projection motivated by the desire to give the Feminine its due.This sounds a bit upside-down.Cant wait till Passion 2019.This piece of shit is a Trump-level fraud.

The equipment itself could in fact alter

The equipment itself could in fact alter

White peoples being Caucasian of course the caucuses mountains.So when he died Marathas took power in their hand then came the Shivaji generation who inherited that same power.The period of russian in iran and syria is expired and britain are in the middle east for its third period of 27 years!If you want to learn Bible.Most people only give a shit about hockey or reality tv.God's wisdom far outweighs mankind's puny knowledge just because most men cannot understand the plan of God that doesn't mean that God's plan isn't awesome and loving.Yeah and one day later they killed the jesus :/ this jews.If smugness were a source of energy, this comment section could power the entire planet for a year or two.

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Iraq first country and oldest country

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Wtf Are They Talking About?

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A very valuable talk. Thank you.

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Great storytelling. But from within this elaborate story its not clear what is the kernel or the essence. From a skeptical point of view the mantra was written by well known poets thousands of years ago who wrote it under Visvamitra’s name. On the face of it, the mantra is a salutation to the sun. Can we be certain about anything further than that? I guess its a matter of belief :)




This is the shit that I watch at 3am instead of sleeping

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At first person tries to recall his inner world and trying different types of practices and doings , but he easily forgets inner world when busy in world affairs. Then there comes a time when he will become tired of every practices and doings, .. and his sensitivity start to increase. Then there comes a time when his sensitivity becomes so deep that he does not need to remember his inner world but he will get reminder and messages from everything around him and whatever happening inside or outside of him. Everything drags him inside, and he becomes so deep that he starts to understand the inner language which is soundless and formless . Then there comes a time when he will become stunned, surprised by vast beauty , by unlimited joy vaster than any ocean , stillness deeper than any valley. Then he will see his face in the mirror and will be surprised that he never saw and met this person before and everything looks utterly new.

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I just want to POLITELY point out that you said Lesotho incorrectly. While you said Lis-oh-toe which is half correct compared to most others lis-oh-tho. It is actually pronounced Lis-oo-too. Just wanted to point this out politely.

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I don't appreciate Timeline attempting to discredit the possibility of spiritual forces.


Why is he covering his ears?Shouldn't he be covering his mouth and nose?



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The decisions that we've made in the past have already made that determination.Those decisions have yet to catch up with us and when they do there is going to be hell to pay.It's like we have no connections to the past.We've left a trail of destruction.