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Why is Israel the only country in history where this rules doesn't apply?Without turning into a war in the comments I'm curious what everyone else thinks.Yes, there are black who have it really rough, but the sassily contemptuous way he states things isn’t going to get across to those who don’t know the water they’re swimming in.

I’m an American but in 1976 I lived in New Zealand, and enjoyed their annual Guy Fawkes fireworks.We should call this guy Fruit Loops!They know punjabi language.Trump went to play golf at his Florida resort just as the COVID-19 started to hit America, he cares only about himself.Ye when Christ sews the good seed in you.I don't believe I require him to assist me in deciphering anything that is happening in my life, or broader society.If the world would listen and act upon their consciousness in Love and not upon their lust to be powerful or GOD or godlike the world would b a better place.

"Is Africa poor",

"Is Africa poor",

Do you raccoons eat any trash you're fed?Thanksfor giving the lecture in Englishmam.2CB has been around forever.In 1948 the nation of Israel was founded and became a nation again after almost 2,000 years.Commenting on some persons belief of peace and mindfulness is a failure to anyone living.Matthew 7:21 says, "Not every one that saith into me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven.God bless you beautiful people.Jesus is there throughout the whole of the Tanakh (Old Testament), woven through like a scarlet thread including the feasts.I am muslim and i respect all the religions.

More skeptical scientists could accept that all these

More skeptical scientists could accept that all these

I believe God wanted me to hear this message so that I could quit feeling anxious about not sleeping and know He has a plan even in this small thing and in my every day life.They shippedour factories to China along with our jobs.Wow - Finally a culture that had it right.Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.Cult: you leave, we’ll not let you and maybe we’ll kill you:.I seen the eyes of 1 person dying only in my life, My mother's who I guess since I arrived last to hospital.If you’re a smoker and you’re coughing up blood, it is worrisome.LA ILLAHA ILLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULALLAH.

We can never be religious enough to satisfy God!Notice that traffic drove on the left side of the road, as was normal in the British Empire.That seems rather ad hoc to me.What do you think when you imagine a rainbow?Scary looking people with all those wives and 12 kids.Unlike the God - forces of nature are neither benevolent or malevolent.Threatening lives in Wisconsin, spreading the disease here and across the country.All religion is spread by man.This speech defintely connotes what is going on currently in America.I joined military took 10 months of training in electronics and radar.

Niall T

Trump running around like a headless chicken. He hasn't s clue what's going on .

Sultan Muur

Nice 'white washed' historical piece. Imagery COMPLETELY Caucasian when a REAL historian would know this couldn't be any further from the truth.No mention of the 1st Reich or Moorish Holy Roman Empire. No imagery of Moorish Crest.FYI- It was called the "Dark Ages" as it was a time dominated by the Moors (Africans)... Nonetheless, what do you expect coming from a Caucasian telling fairy tales as usual...


Ive been on YouTube for only 2 minutes, and ive already seen 4 video titles on reasons i should be jewish, muslim, catholic or christian. Why cant we al stop reading old Books enforcing others to choose thier way of life,

Zain Zain

aap ko sharm ani chahya asi video banty hwy . mout Allah ke hath me hai . tum kasy keh sakty ho 80sal c kam koi ni mary ga . bee off

Carlos Carranza

Donald Trump is incompetent dumbfuck.....